Yes, it is still winter, but people in South Carolina aren’t shoveling snow and aren’t worrying about road closures. The weather is pretty good all throughout the year, and when the New Year comes, eyes turn to spring.

Although most residents in Charleston and in the surrounding areas don’t close their pools completely during the winter, they still need to do some things to get it ready for spring.

One, you want to check the water level in the pool. Make sure it’s not too low or a bunch of rain and runoff has caused the level to be too high.

Two, make sure your chemical levels are where they need to be. You may need to add some chlorine or balance the pH to ensure proper water quality.

Three, get your pool furniture out of storage, clean it off and evaluate. Maybe it is time to buy a new piece or fix a tear or a scratch.

Finally, plan your spring kickoff party. Get the your friends, family and neighbors over for the first pool party of the year!