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Pool Safety

Pre-Installation Checklist

In order to ensure a smooth installation of your new Alaglas fiberglass swimming pool and to minimize your time and cost, we request your assistance with the following items
prior to the scheduled pool installation date:

  1. Verify set-back or easement requirements from the local building code office, the builder or the homeowners association
  2. Confirm 20- foot access to the pool site for the excavation equipment and the boom truck to include:
    • Removal of fencing (if necessary)
    • Bushes, trees, or any obstruction (if necessary)
    • Permission from neighbors if access involves his/her property
  3. Determine where to relocate excess dirt on the property. If the installer is required to remove and dispose of excess dirt, an additional charge will be
    required. Fees will be added to the final invoice.
  4. Locate and mark any underground obstacles (i.e. septic tank, stumps).
  5. Note and advise Alaglas of location and height of overhead power lines obstructing access to the pool site. Overhead power lines cannot go across the pool. Underground power lines cannot be within ten feet of the pool. Concrete decking can cover underground power lines providing code is met.
  6. The pump, filter, and in-pool lighting will need to be wired by a licensed electrician following the installation of the pool. If you have elected to do your own electrical Alaglas will not hook up your light or your salt water chlorinator nor will we ground your pool. All electrical work must conform to the National Electric Code for swimming pools including protection by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). This can be accomplished the same day as the pool installation or on a subsequent day. Your installer will plumb the pump, filter, and lighting: however, they will not work until hard-wired by the electrician.
  7. Adequate gutters must be installed on the house to effectively divert the rain water away from the excavation site prior to the installation of the pool, if you do not
    have gutters and chose to proceed with the pool installation and the pool goes out of level due to rain, you may incur a charge to re-level your pool. It is highly
    recommended that your have gutters installed.
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