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Pool Cleaning

Pool Maintenance Instructions

Chemical Instructions

  • Alaglas pools, by design, use very small amounts of chemicals.
  • Basically, all the chemicals you need are:
    • 3” chlorine tablets (not powder)
    • Large box of baking soda
    • Several bags of shock
    • One bottle of clarifier
  • Put (1) 3” chlorine tablet in the enclosed pool floater device approximately once a week.
  • Use regular baking soda to control pH and total alkalinity.
  • Put shock or shock-it in the pool for the initial start up and when the water needs a quick
    clean up.
  • If the water is clean, but cloudy – use water clarifier.
  • Do not fight your pool. The chemical balance will vary on hot sunny days, rainy days,
    after cool nights, etc… Try to average your water testing.

Manual Vacuum Instructions

  • Attach the vacuum head and skim vacuum to each end of the hose. Attach the pole to the
    vacuum head and put everything into the pool. Take the skim vacuum and hold it over
    one filter return forcing the water into the hose to prime. After it is primed, place the
    skim vacuum into the skimmer and vacuum the pool. Be sure to leave the basket in the
  • Move the vacuum head slowly across the bottom of the pool.

Maintenance Do’s

  • Keep Danger/ No Diving stickers on the pool and in good repair.
  • If you have a sand filter, back wash the filter every 7-10 days or when pressure is high.
    Keep the skimmer basket and pump basket clean.
  • Once a year, drop the water level six inches and wax the water line up and across the top
    with a good grade of auto wax.
  • Use 409 for stains or scum lines. For stubborn stains, use a regular polishing compound,
    and then apply two coats of wax over compounded areas.
  • Freezing will not hurt the fiberglass pool, so you can leave it full and running in the
    winter. Make sure the pump and filter and any water features are running
    ANYTIME the temperature drops below 32 degrees.
  • Run your pump continuously or use a timer to run the pump 6-8 hours per day during
    pool season.
  • Direct the nozzles so as to create a flow of water in a circular motion.
  • If you have a sand filter, back wash the filter when the nozzles lose pressure.
  • Keep the basket in the skimmer clean.

Maintenance Dont’s

  • Do not use any acid wash on fiberglass pools. Use non-abrasive cleaners such as 409 to
    clean waterline deposits.
  • Don’t use any abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax. These will scratch the gelcoat
    surface. No Brillo pads or similar scratch pads should be used either.
  • Don’t drain the pool at any time unless accompanied by your dealer or without Alaglas’
    knowledge and/or assistance.
  • Don’t put chemicals directly into the pool. After diluting them, add all chemicals into the
    floating chemical dispenser or the automated chlorinator.

Never Drain Your Pool. If it gets dirty, the chemicals will clean it for you.

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