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Summerville fiberglass pools

Pool Installation Schedule

We have installed thousands of pools over the years, and we are very familiar with the
swimming pool process. However, we understand that most homeowners only get one pool in
their lifetime and are not always familiar with what to expect. In the hope that we can eliminate
any unneeded surprises prior to and during the installation of your new swimming pool, we have
put together a mock schedule of what may happen. Please realize that all houses are different and
some variations will occur, however, we hope this will help you.

Please note that the following timetable is based upon a level yard with sufficient access and
sandy soil. If clay soil, rock, or other unforeseen conditions are encountered, the installation
interval can take significantly longer.

7:00-8:00 AM Our installation team will arrive at your home with heavy machinery.
The homeowner must be there to discuss the access to the back yard and to confirm where the
pool is being installed and to establish the elevation of the pool as well as the pool pump and
equipment. Over the next few hours we will be removing the grass from the swimming pool
location and begin digging for your pool, we use a laser level throughout the process to ensure
your pool is level.

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Your hole should be dug at this point and a flat bed truck carrying the pool will be at your home, please be sure we have adequate room. Also, a crane will pull up to your house and lift the pool and set it into position. You will have the crane at your home for
approximately two hours for the agreed upon price as determined by the weight of the crane
required. The weight of the crane varies based upon the length of the reach, the size/weight of the
pool and the height of the lift this occasionally can cause damage to driveways, please discuss
your concerns with your installer.

12:00 – Sundown The pool is being back filled and plumbing lines are dug to hook up
the pump, filter, and the LED light. After the pool is installed, the installer may have to haul
excess dirt out of your yard. This requires the installer to locate a place to accept the dirt and
sometimes requires the installer to pay dumping charges. Your contract should cover estimated
additional charges for hauling dirt or rock dust into the yard and/or removing existing dirt from
the yard. If additional charges are required, you will be advised at this time. The agreed upon
charges, if applicable, will be added to the final statement.

This scenario represents a standard installation excluding unexpected, unforeseen events or
objects encountered by our installation team. The installation could require more than one day to
complete if unexpected events or objects are encountered.

Following the completion of the pool installation, the electrician will come to your house to
connect the pump, filter, LED light or any other option requiring electrical connection. After the
electrical work is finished, most counties require an inspection of the electrical work. This
requires a county inspector to assess the electrical work completed thus far. Alaglas Pools of
Charleston must have an electrical inspection passed before concrete can be poured. Make sure
ditches are left uncovered until the electrical inspection is completed.

After an electrical inspection, your concrete installer will arrive at your home to set the forms and pour the concrete deck. It is very important that the pump and filter operate for at least 4 to
5 days prior to pouring the concrete. If concrete is poured sooner, than the required time frame
above, any leaks that may arise in plumbing that are covered in concrete will be the responsibility
of the home owner. This will allow for any natural compaction of the soil around the pool while
also enabling you to monitor the water level of the pool to ensure there are no leaks in the
plumbing of the pool.

If you are using your own concrete company, please be sure to refer to the concrete diagram
supplied by your factory representative. The concrete must go underneath the lip of the pool to
ensure a solid seal between the pool and the concrete deck. This will enable the pool to flex with
the natural compaction and expansion of the concrete deck with the extreme changes in
temperature encountered in our area. Also, the skimmer collar and lid must be sealed with BOSS
801 silicon prior to pouring the concrete to prevent leakage.

Depending on the size of the deck, installation of the deck may occur in one or two days.
Following the completion of the deck, A member of the Alaglas team will set up a time to meet
with you, he/she will clean the pool, add the start-up chemicals and demonstrate the operation of
all pool equipment.


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