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Concrete Warranty

We – at Alaglas Swimming Pools of Charleston, try very hard to ensure that for many years to come, you will have excellent and long lasting concrete flatwork outside your home. Whether it be your driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck, we will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer.
It is our policy to offer a one year warranty of materials and workmanship for no additional cost. The warranty and what to expect of your concrete is detailed below.

What to Expect


Yes – concrete does crack. We don’t like it either but it is bound to happen. This is why we install control joints where the concrete is most likely to crack. If the concrete cracks in the control joint, this is exactly what we hoped for.

Typically, concrete cracks very soon after it is poured, often the same day. We do everything we can to control cracking, but there is no guarantee that concrete will not crack in other places.
Cracks three sixteenths of one inch or less (height difference or gap) is normal.


A common misconception is the assumption that your outdoor flat work surface will last and hold up like your kitchen floor. Unfortunately this is not true. Exterior concrete is subject to inclement weather, salt damage, ground movement, and water.

While concrete is a very durable product, like anything else, it is not without its flaws. Sometimes the top of the concrete may appear to be popping or flaking off. If this is minimal (a few here or there) it is quite possible that a stone(s) close to the top popped out.

This is nothing to worry about. However if you experience a lot of popping and flaking of the surface, (more than 15%) you have a legitimate problem.


Another common misconception is color. It is not possible for us to match the exact color of existing surfaces. Please keep this in mind when you are pouring new flatwork up to existing flatwork. Alaglas Pools of Charleston does offer Spray Decking that can be put over the entire surface and that will make the entire area uniform.


It is possible some flatwork may experience some settling. We do compact underneath, but this is no guarantee it will not settle and crack/shift. We cannot warranty against settling because the subgrade under the flatwork is something beyond our control.


We only repair or replace the section(s) that fall into the category of what we warranty. (industry standard before repair or replacement is a minimum of 20%)

We will repair or replace if a minimum of 15% or more of any given section of the work we did is popped-pitted, or if small pieces located on the outside edges happen to break off.

Warranty issues will be addressed during the months of November, December, January and February only. If we are unable to service you during these months, we will service you as soon as possible (please contact us immediately so a claim can be documented within your warranty period).


We ask that you be especially careful when adding salt to your pool. Another corrosive material is fertilizer, so if you happen to spill or overspray fertilizer onto your deck please wash it immediately. We ask that if you are pouring your deck in the summer you water down the deck a few times a day to help it cure slowly to avoid shrinking and cracking.

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