With the wonders of the internet, DIY guides and automation products, pool maintenance has never been easier. Even with these abundant resources, most people aren’t pool cleaning experts and people make mistakes. We often receive calls from customers asking about the issues that arose from incorrect DIY pool maintenance. To help you avoid making these costly mistakes, we have put together a list of seven common pool maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Having a Pool Maintenance Schedule

When you buy a car, you receive an Owner’s Manual with a maintenance schedule. When you buy a pool, you should create an owner’s maintenance schedule. Be sure to set specific dates (First Saturday of March), not general times (beginning of spring) and mark when certain parts will be replaced or need inspection. Having a consistent maintenance schedule insures you from having a problem that costs more than the pool itself to fix.

2. Not Measuring Chemical Levels Consistently

As you read this article, you’ll notice that the main issue with pool maintenance is consistency. Above all else, make sure that you have a routine with your pool cleaning. Be sure to set days and times for measuring your pool’s chemical levels. If you add chemicals and measure chemical levels at a different time every day, you’ll always be adding too much or too little.

3. Using Too Much or Too Little Chemicals

Every pool is different and requires different chemicals in different amounts. There is no one size fits all pool chemicals. When you install your pool, be sure to ask about the specific chemical levels and write them down. The issue with adding chemicals is that if you add too much once, then you have to add too little next time. Instead of being in a perpetual balancing act, keep your chemical levels consistent.

4. Not Having a Pool Cleaning Routine

Once again we revisit the theme of consistency. Not only should your pool cleaning routine be consistent, but it should include all of the correct steps. Don’t add chemicals but skip brushing. Don’t keep brushing but skip cleaning your filter. It’s easy to feel fulfilled enough after accomplishing one cleaning task, but each one is essential in a different way.

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